• SaaS - Software as a Service

    The modern way of doing business involves speed and mobility, what further increases the need for control of resources and access to information at any time. Modern technology has finally given the full support to this need due to widespread use of mobile devices as well as always available high-speed Internet access. In addition, our customers' needs for resources are dynamically changing, cloud computing is an ideal choice to dynamically adapt to their needs, thus proportionately reduce operating expenses. Given that both the software and the information stored in the "Cloud," all you need is a device with which you can make an internet connection and web browser.

    Our servers are located in a first class Soft Layer data centers in the U.S. and Europe, which guarantees extra safety of your data.

Benefits of SaaS and Cloud Computing

  • SaaSThere is no need to purchase demanding hardware and software

  • SaaSNo need for installation

  • SaaSScalability depending of demand

  • SaaSSimply update to the new versions

  • SaaSEasy integration with additional services

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