• Clients

    In the past seven years, we have gained the trust of our respected clients and most achieve long-term cooperation; with some of them we have developed a partnership. Our relationship and customer care is a top priority - that's why we have established the standards which are closely monitored and improved, to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service.

    We are proud of all of our clients and they are all equally important to us, but complete list of clients is not suitable for this kind of presentation, so we decided for a reduced list. Clients on the list are generally lined up in order of how they became our users.

Council of Europe, Office in Serbia -www.coe.org.rs
Beogradski maraton - http://www.bgdmarathon.org/
Službeni Glasnik, Belgrade - www.slglasnik.com
Stylos, Novi Sad - www.stylos.rs
Alcances 2012, Palma de Mallorca - www.alcances2012.com
AMB Grafika, Novi Sad - www.ambgrafika.rs
Rukometni savez Belgrade - www.rsb.org.rs
Vulkan izdavaštvo, Belgrade - www.vulkani.rs
Calculus, Belgrade - www.calculus.rs
MTA, Belgrade - www.mta.rs
Auto kuća Samardžić, Belgrade - www.skodasamardzic.rs
Al Mar Holidays, Palma de Mallorca - www.almarholidays.com
Dereta, Belgrade - www.dereta.rs
CiiiP, Belgrade
FerreraBeach, Palma de Mallorca - www.ferrerabeach.com
Mali Vrt, Belgrade - www.malivrt.rs
Zmaj, Novi Sad - www.zmajdoo.com
Samizdat B92, Belgrade - samizdatb92.rs
Narodna knjiga, Podgorica 
Spotter, Belgrade
Desing, Belgrade - desing.rs
Girtpro inženjering, Belgrade - girtpro.rs
Ing-Pro - Propisi.net, Belgrade - propisi.net
Artheist, Belgrade
Publik Praktikum, Belgrade - publikpraktikum.rs
Beoecotel, Belgrade - mobilnimarket.rs (b2c, b2b)

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