• Projects and strategic partnerships

    Our team consists of professionals with expertise which were confirmed and improved in several areas: publishing industry, project management, business process improvement, tourism industry, banking industry and others. Our participation in a variety of projects gave to our experts extensive experience in computer systems design and development.

    Pintor Project solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technologies and our employees are Microsoft certified. We are also a Microsoft Certified Partner candidate.


Engineering and Construction

Positive results shown in the eBusiness solution first stage implementation in company DCS Engineering www.dcs.cl, dedicated to the field of construction, engineering and industrial maintenance in the areas of electricity, automatic control, civil and mechanical works, have converted DCS Engineering in a strategic partner. By employing our extensive knowledge in computer systems, we are constantly adapting and expanding the eBusiness system functionality to minimize DCS company costs and facilitate the daily operation, while at the same time this helps them to achieve ISO 9001 certification.



As a strategic partner of Neo Soft Ltd. from Chile, we have actively participated in the project of introduction of uniform bank CORE in the HCBC bank (www.hsbc.com) in Latin America ( Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Peru, Salvador ) After a detailed research of the market HSBC has chosen Neosoft Ltd the  whose partner is Pintor Project. This was a logical choice, considering that Chile has implemented all the latest international norms and risk checks of business in the banking department, which has among other things resulted in Chilean banking system being one of the most stable during the crisis of the world banking sector from 2008 to 2009. Within the project Pintor Project has provided consulting, organizational services and has carried out projects at the international level, putting up IT infrastructures for the distributional drafting of projects and further maintenance of the system, creating a part of the system for formatting reports in various formats, as well as providing services of outsourcing for the purpose of drafting regulatory reports. Our partner NeoSoft Ltd. is specialized for the analysis of the existing banking fiscal  norms, their interpretation and the drafting of regulatory reports in Chile (http://www.neosoft.cl/productos_banco_1.html) with a current expansion to cover the whole region of Latin America.



The experience in the publishing industry has helped us to initiate and develop in 2007 online Book.Store system for selling books. This was crowned in 2009 with collaboration with the Association of Publishers in Chile www.editoresdechile.cl, where we participated in an ambitious project funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Chile. This project resulted in the development of the technology platform for the collaboration of over thirty editors.



By actively participating in projects in the tourism industry, our company has established close relationship with the company Neosoft Ltda in Chile www.neosoft.cl, which is involved in the development and maintenance of NeoTur system for travel agents and tour operators. We also worked on the development of web system for some of the leading travel agencies in Mallorca: "Alcances 2012", "Ferrera Beach" and "Al Mar Holidays", which has led to the continuous cooperation with these companies.

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